I Found a Friend in this Real Estate Agent in Weaver Alabama

Joey Crews, My Mom’s Excellent Real Estate Agent in Weaver AL

I decided to visit my mom this past weekend. She lives in Weaver, AL. She grew up there but moved off for many years while my dad was in the army. She moved back in 2008.

My childhood and formative years were spent moving across the world so I never got a chance to live in Alabama. Since growing up and spending some time there I’ve found that it’s a really cool place. There are beautiful mountains all around the Choccolocco Valley as well as beautiful sites atop Cheaha mountain. Since growing up, I’ve learned a lot about Alabama and have come to appreciate it.

I love mountain biking, and there is an excellent trail called the Coldwater Mountain Bike Trail. This is my favorite trail in all of the Southest. Here is a video of one of the trails that I took:

Anyway, about my mom and Joey…..they met back in 2008 when mom moved back. She was actually looking for a good friend to hang out with but found out Joey Crews was also a great real estate agent too. He was the top producing agent in all of Calhoun County. He works for a company called Keller Williams located at 1805 Hillyer-Robinson Pkwy Suite A
Anniston, AL 36207. They spent the next 3 months looking at over 60 houses. After my dad’s accident, my mom was left with a lot of money and she intended on spending most of it on a house. Her budget was $500,000, which is pretty crazy. There aren’t a lot of houses in Calhoun County in that price range but they looked at every single one.

Here’s Joey and my mom back in 2008. Isn’t she gorgeous!?

weaver real estate agent joey crews and my mom







In all of the time since 2008 and now, believe it or not I had never met Joey! I was always on some sort of tour or he was at a real estate convention or something similar. Well, all of that changed and we finally met over the weekend! I have to say, he is something else! His personality is magnetic. I love being around him. It’s easy to see why he is so successful at selling.

Check this video of him doing a presentation and you will see what I’m talking about:


All 3 of us spent the weekend together and we made lots of memories. Joey told stories about multimillion dollar deals and I told stories of music and life on the road. I told him about my new Paleo diet that I’ve been on. He said he’s more of a fan of Matt Stone’s RRARF diet, which I’m familiar with.

Joey actually grew up in Weaver himself and graduated from Weaver High School in 1991. He’s only a few years older than me.

We talked and laughed well into the morning. The drinks were flowing and I think there was a mutual agreement that we would have to do this again soon.

I have to say, this real estate agent in Weaver AL definitely caught my attention this weekend. I don’t know his orientation (I have a pretty good idea of it) but I sure wish he’d give me a chance 🙂