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Music Icons Are Only Human

For some people, movie stars, celebrities and music (rock and roll) icons are like gods. Fans worship some of their favorite music icons so bad that they would do anything to stalk them, learn about their lives and their past, know their schedules and be in each and every commercial shoot, concert, guesting and band practice. Such fandom has somehow crossed the line from fanatic to stalker and from impressive to creepy.

Sometimes, all it takes for these fanatics to let go of their fantasy of worshiping rock and roll gods is to give them the chance to see their idols in a real situation that shows that these people are just but humans as well.

This is certainly what happened to Michelle, my school mate that was an obsessed fan for a rising rock and roll band. She dreams about them, has pictures of them on her wall, stalks them via the internet and she would pour her heart and soul into fighting online with people that claim to hate the kind of music they play. Whenever she hears of a gig in nearby towns, she would spend all her savings into renting a car and driving all the way to the site, just to see her idols in action.

She has been so caught up in the idea that her idols are perfect creatures, capable of anything possible, that one day, she cried terribly after realizing that this vision of hers was not true, that indeed, these rock band were just a bunch of famous human being just like everybody else.

She went to a nearby commercial shoot that the rock band was endorsing. She watched the shoot; she had binoculars with her just in case the blocks were closed far away for her to see them up close. When she arrived at the scene, the crew was just preparing for the first take so the band members were resting in their trailers. She scouted the area for the trailer of her idol, the lead vocalist, and when she saw it, she immediately focused her attention there.

As she watched, she saw that her music god is having troubles with his trailer truck. It had damages from the outside which meant damages inside. She recalled that the trailer went through a terribly flooded area just to reach one of the locations for the shoot. It was a couple weeks ago and she figured that it should have been fixed by his managers. Apparently, it was not addressed because now the water damage has become a lot worse than it should have.

She thought that her idol would be able to handle it. That he will find a way to fix it. However, what she saw caused dismay. She saw him get mad at everybody around him. He was frustrated and shouted at his PA to fix the job. His PA seemed to have called a flood cleanup NJ company because a few hours later a service truck came to the scene. They went ahead and did their job.

That day she learned two things. Seeing her idol get mad like that at the people around him really hurt her and made her realize that he was not above anyone else; that he was just like everybody else, human, and capable of negative emotions. However, she also learned that this dismay should not make her stop idolizing this rock band, because, they still play really good music. It was just her over-the-board fandom that created too much of an image, resulting to her own dismay on reality.