Worst Water Damage San Antonio Experienced, Overcame Through Music Friends

Water Damage San Antonio Experiences Is No Match For Community of Music Lovers

One of the things I love about my hometown San Antonio is that it never runs out of festive events. What I do love the most are the music festivals. I like the feeling of being around with so many people who are there for the same reason – to enjoy music with the crowd. It’s a great venue for making new friends and sharing the same craziness with music.

It was from a music festival where I met my friend Ted. We became good friends because we share the same interest about music. One thing that binds us our friendship is our appreciation in country music. We enjoy the songs from different genres like pop, oldies and rock but it is in the simplicity and sincerity of the country songs where our hearts are tuned in. My orientation with the country genre stretches way back at my teenage years when I happened to listen to my father’s favourite records every Sunday morning. And these are mostly country songs in the 80’s. I was drawn to it because of its heartfelt compositions and every song seemed to have a story.

Both Ted and I recognized that the country music has not pleased everyone. Some people who are same of our age grew up hating this kind of music. They thought the songs are cheesy and that these are the soundtrack of a lonely small town. We cannot force them to change their minds. But we continue to take on the country music rodeo ride.

Many days were spent having jamming sessions with Ted playing our favourite genre. Eventually, friends were starting to come over and we have a get together on a regular basis. Some of them were country fans and some were just taking the chance. We came up with an idea of making a night in a week as a time to gather to make music. Fridays are then called “Jamming Session Night”. We usually spend the session nights at my home. Come through cold and rainy seasons, we were there to spend the night together. But when a storm had struck and caused severe flooding and the worst water damage San Antonio has ever experienced, our sessions had to stop for a moment. A lot of water had seeped into our home reaching the basement where sadly, some of the spare musical instruments were there. It was too late to salvage them. My house had been a mess after the flooding. I was tackling with damaged furniture and floors. One of my friends was smart and thoughtful enough to send in my removable carpets out for a professional carpet cleaner to handle. I was fortunate to have Ted and some friends who helped me in the clean-up and restore the place.

It was uplifting to see friends volunteering to help me after the deluge. We continue to make music every Friday night to the same place that has been revived. Without my love for country music, I wouldn’t have known these friends. I realized that I made meaningful connections with these people through music.